Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

Redefining Hospitality and Catering

  • Understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health.
  •  Cook a selection of healthy savoury dishes for themselves and others.
  • Show mastery in a range of skills in food preparation and also include techniques of adapting recipes to suit an individual`s health needs.
  •  Understand the source, reasonability, and characteristics of a broad range of ingredients.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of skills relating to a specific vocation
  • Develop the essential skills that are valued by employers, further and higher education.

Year 7

HACCP, weighing and measuring, healthy eating, nutrition, packaging and labelling, pastry, knife skills, ‘Handheld’ packed lunch project, cake making methods, salads, savoury tarts.

Year 8

HACCP, Food hygiene and safety, food around the world, Eatwell guide, nutritional functions, understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health, recipe adaptations, dehydration and fibre, micro and macronutrients. Yeast sauces, knife skills, curry pot, binding ingredients.

Year 9

HACCP AND risk assessment, pastries, cuts of meat, yeast dough, soups, knife skills, pasta production, starters desserts and main meals, healthy eating.  Demonstrate a repertoire of predominantly savoury dishes as part of a healthy and varied affordable diet. Dietary needs, time plans, modifying recipes, wraps, ready meals, ‘Cook It’ project. Festival feast project

Year 10

HACCP Charts, food and personal hygiene, accidents, pastries, Job roles, caking making methods. Soup/accompaniments, yeast dough, one-pot dishes, understand how nutritional needs vary with age, health conditions and a balanced diet. Dovetailed time plans, cooking methods and impacts on nutrients,

H&C provision and requirement, Jointing chicken and chicken dishes.  Three course meal projects. Begin controlled assessment. (AC1.1-AC1.4)

Year 11

Instilling a love of cooking that leads to self-sufficiency and independence; complete (AC1.1-AC1.4) and AC2.1 –AC2.2 Also complete final practical assessment, H&C kitchen operations, front of house, customer needs, health and nutrition, HASAWA, RIDDOR, COSHH. Manuel handling, risk assessment.  Food-related illness, food allergies, food legislation, EHO, H&C structure, job roles.  Revision and exam question techniques.

Cross-Curricular Links:

  • Literacy: Reading, writing, discussion/debates, use of vocabulary, ability to use and interpret information, question and answer and evaluate products.
  • Numeracy: Weighing and measuring of ingredients for the practical, oven/hob
  • Control temperatures, costing recipes.
  • Science: Nutrition, healthy eating the Eat Well Guide, HACCP, 4 C’s and function of ingredients
  • SEAL: (Social and emotional aspects of learning): Teamwork.
  • CULTURE CAPITAL: The students will make a range of recipes covering various cultures and cuisines.