Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

At Thomas Becket Catholic School we believe that a school uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride in the school whilst ensuring equality amongst students. In addition, a smart appearance contributes positively to the students’ attitude to work and study; it also influences how the school is portrayed to the general public and visitors to the school. It is our expectation that correct full uniform is worn to and from school.

In order to ensure your son/daughter meets our uniform expectations, please take the time to look at the list below - whilst this is not an exhaustive list it does provide clear guidance on what is and what is not acceptable.

Uniform Expectations from September 2023:

Blazer: Black with embroidered school logo (available from

Jumpers: Grey with embroidered school logo (available from

Shirt: White only, buttoned to the collar

School tie: Compulsory (these can be purchased from school or from The TB logo needs to be seen on the tie to ensure the correct length.

Trousers: Plain suit black with pleat/seam along the front - no jeans, cords, skinny fit leggings, joggers or linen trousers. Plain black socks

Skirts: Pleated grey checked skirt (available from Plain black or natural colour tights.

Shoes: Black, polishable and low heeled. No boots, plimsolls, or trainers of any colour are allowed. At lunch times students are allowed to wear trainers on the Astro Turf only.

Outdoor Coats/Jackets: No hooded tops, sweatshirts or tracksuit jackets. Outdoor coats need to be removed when moving around school. These can be worn at break and lunch times whilst outside. If worn at other times they will be confiscated.

Jewellery: Students are allowed one small stud in each ear lobe. No other piercings are allowed. One plain watch and crucifix inside shirt only.

Hats and scarves: Woollen only - no caps. If a head scarf is worn as part of religious observance then this needs to be black.

Hair cut: No exaggerated/extreme hairstyles, hair should be of a natural colour and style. Hair should be tidy and out of student’s eyes. For example, streaked, dyed, patterned, coloured braiding, stepped, spiked or shaved styles are not allowed. No patterns, shapes or lines. Beards, moustaches and wispy growth are not permitted. Shaved eyebrows are not permitted. We do our best to be consistent and there is a designated member of SLT to check if necessary and who will make the final decision as to whether a hairstyle is deemed exaggerated and/or extreme.

Nails and Makeup: No artificial nails or nail polish. Make up needs to be minimal and natural and no false eyelashes. If this is not adhered to students will be asked to remove.

Bags: A rucksack that is able to carry A4 folders and books unfolded. Plain, no excessive logos or styles not in keeping with our Catholic ethos.

PE Kit - Compulsory Items

At Thomas Becket Catholic School we have our own PE Kit. This is embellished with our logo. All items to be clearly labelled. For PE lessons and representing the school at fixtures/events students will need to wear: 

  • TB polo top
  • Black Shorts/ Black Lycra sport tights or Black tracksuit bottoms but no cycling shorts
  • Plain Black Trainers
  • TB Quatro PE Jumper

If you forget your PE kit, your teacher will provide you with spare kit. Failure to wear this kit results in an hour after school PE detention. If you are injured or ill, you still must get changed so please bring your PE kit with you along with a note from your parent/guardian.

PE kit is ordered online with the supplier at:

You will need to register and create an account. There is an option for PE kit to be delivered home or to collect it in school. If you need to return an item or have a problem with any kit this will need to be done directly with the supplier. We do have a range of sizes if you are unsure which size you require.