Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

In March 2022, the Government introduced a non-statutory expectation of a 32.5 hour minimum core school week by September 2023. In July 2023 the deadline to meet this expectation was deferred to September 2024 at the latest, in recognition of the pressures facing schools. 

A core school week is the time from morning registration to the official end of the school day for all pupils (including breaks). At Thomas Becket our focus is to provide as much teacher contact time with pupils as possible; we run 5 1-hour lessons plus a 30-minute form time each day. Including breaks this equates to 32.5 hours per week. 

Timings of the day from September 2022:

  Start Finish
Morning Line Up 8.35am 8.40am
Morning registration 8.40am 9.10am
Period 1 9.10am 10.10am
Period 2 10.10am 11.10am
Break 11.10am 11.30am
Period 3 11.30am 12.30pm
Period 4 12.30pm 1.30pm
Lunchtime 1.30pm 2.10pm
Period 5 2.10pm 3.10pm

Form Procedure

  • Everyone to be punctual for am registration
  • Once in form sit in seats, coats off, bags on floor and uniform correct. 
  • Sit quietly/silently whilst register is taken and marks recorded.
  • Be prepared to take part in a simple act of worship.
  • Tutors will check planners and learning kit to ensure that students are ready for the day.
  • Always have a book for DEAR time.
  • Be ready to listen to information that will be given by your form tutor and be ready to take part in form time activities. 

Arrival and Registration

All students should be on site ready to line up outside at 8.35am every day. If you arrive after the registration period, you will be marked 'late' at the Late Gate. If this is closed you must report to reception.


At Thomas Becket we operate a 'Late Gate'. If you are late, without good reason, you will attend a detention the following day.

Where your lateness causes concern parents will be contacted and invited into school for an informal meeting.

Illness and Medical Appointments

If you are unwell, your parent/carer should contact the school before 9.15am on the first day of your absence informing the school of the reason for absence.

If we do not hear from your parent or carer the school attendance office will endeavour to contact home to ensure you are safe. 

a) Every effort should be made to arrange medical appointments outside school hours. 

b) An appointment card or verification by the doctors/dentist/hospital is required both for late arrival and for absences and handed into Reception. 

c) If it is necessary for you to be out of school for this reason, you should be returned to school directly after the appointment.


96% + Excellent - Well done! This will help all aspects of your child's progress and life in school. This will give them a good start in life and supports a positive work ethic.

85-95% Unacceptable - Absence is now affecting attainment and progress at school and causing serious concern. Please work with the school urgently to improve the situation. All students below 95% will be monitored by attendance.