Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

Making Geography Matter!

In the words of Michael Palin, ‘’Geography is the best subject that holds the key to our future’’ We aim to ensure that all students studying Geography at Thomas becket understand why Geography matters. We do this by:

Encompassing the idea that ‘no one is too small to make a difference’ – Greta Thunburg

Creating a curriculum that focuses on the concept of ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ – David Attenborough

We were proud to have been awarded the MetMark Award 2022. It is a new award from the Royal Meteorological Society and Met Office that recognises excellence in weather teaching.

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Year 7

How can we learn about the UK?

Why does the UK’s physical landscape look the way it does?

Why do people live where they do?

How is the population changing?

How do people spend their time in the UK?

Year 8

Why is the UK’s weather so changeable?

How can we conduct a climate investigation?

Is urbanisation a good thing?

Should we be concerned about the loss of natural ecosystems?

Year 9

North America and global issues

The physical world

Global weather and climate

Our unequal world

Year 10 GCSE AQA 8035

Natural Hazards - weather hazards - tectonic hazards - climate change

The development gap -UK landscapes - coastal landscapes

The urban world - resource management -

Food resources - urban change in the UK.

Human Geography fieldwork

Year 11 GCSE AQA 8035

Ecosystems - tropical rainforests - hot deserts 

The changing UK economy - river landscapes

Nigeria, a newly emerging economy

Physical Geography fieldwork

Links to other Subjects

  • Mathematics—grid references/coordinates
  • Science—weathering
  • Mathematics—Drawing graphs
  • Business studies—types of jobs
  • Mathematics and technology—sustainability concepts
  • Science — the atmosphere Science—Research method
  • RS—poverty; Technology—sustainability concepts Science—rocks and physical processes;
  • Mathematics—line graphs Science—Biology—Ecosystems
  • RS—inequality
  • Science—earth processes; RS inequality
  • Science—atmospheric processes Science—Climate change; RS—inequality; Technology—sustainability
  • RS—development; Mathematics—line graphs
  • History—empire slavery and colonialism
  • Science—physical processes, enquiry and ecosystems
  • Business Studies –Opportunities
  • RS sustainability
  • Science—enquiry
  • RS—inequality
  • Business Studies—UK economy