Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

This code of conduct gives five important ways in which pupils show respect for each other and our Catholic community.

1. Be smart 

  • Wearing your school uniform smartly and correctly.
  • Doing your best in school work and sport.
  • Behaving in such a way that your family and friends would be proud.

2. Making school a safe, healthy and pleasant environment

  • Walking around school at all times and keeping to the left in corridors and staircases.
  • Eating and drinking in designated areas only.
  • Put all litter in the bin.
  • Remain on the school site at all times unless authorised permission has been given to leave.
  • Obeying rules in all areas of the school specifically workshops, science labs, canteen and the library.

3. Show respect for property and people

  • Showing care, support and concern for the feelings of others.
  • Being courteous and helpful to students, staff and visitors.
  • Being tolerant of others' views and beliefs.
  • Following the school policy about student responsibility towards bullying.
  • Being quiet in areas where examinations or lessons are in progress. 
  • Label all personal property and look after it.
  • Do not damage or lose other people's possessions.
  • Respect school property, buildings and resources by never defacing or vandalising in any way.

4. Create a positive image of the school in the local community

  • Behaving sensibly and courteously when in school uniform in the local community and making your way to and from school. 
  • Ensure your language is appropriate at all times including when travelling to and from school.
  • Show courteous and Christian kindness to everyone as an ambassador.

5. Make the most of educational opportunities

  • Get involved in all aspects of lessons and ensure you are on task.
  • Make a note of all homework and ensure it is completed on time.
  • Remain silent and pay full attention to teachers' instructions.
  • Take an active part in school life, including clubs and after school activities.