Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

Welcome to Thomas Becket Catholic School and Sixth Form, the only Catholic Secondary School in Northamptonshire. 

Our safe and thriving school community is built on our 5 core values of faith, justice, compassion, truth, and respect. Our mission is to serve the whole school community to prepare all students for the next steps in life.  This is a school where the care of the individual is at its heart and students are provided with the opportunities to flourish and succeed. 

A school judged "Good" by the Diocese of Northampton, is a school with learning and care of the individual at its heart.  

At Thomas Becket Catholic Secondary School we are rightfully proud of our community: children, staff and parents. The school has worked hard to create a calm and ordered learning environment where there is a genuine excitement about learning. Leaders in school have a vision for a community that stands out to others as a beacon for learning with a drive for the inclusion of all.



The curriculum here is ambitious; it offers choice and opportunity at each level. We see our students challenge themselves from Year 7 right through to the aspirational example of our 6th Form. We see a comprehensive training of staff in innovative teaching methodology which is flexible and bespoke to the needs of the individual child.

As a school, we are a reflective and considerate community. Our mandate is to inspire and to care for our students; this is done through setting high expectations especially where behaviour is concerned. Our school has a strong behaviour system so that our students can learn. We scaffold this with interwoven systems of care for the individual; the pastoral support in this school is paramount. When children are cared for they can learn.

Our “Excellence for All Programme” invites students to develop into independent learners with a clear pathway to success. This school is on a journey to excel in expectations, achievements and inclusion so that children have a strong sense of belonging so that they can enjoy the learning experience.  I hope that you will find this community willing to work in partnership, in support and in faith. Our Catholic faith and values underpin everything that we do here. As a community, we look forward to meeting you.

Mr P McCahill