Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

Home study is an exclusive privilege for VI Form students who have demonstrated in lessons, and at key assessment points, that they are engaged and working to their potential.

For students to access home study they are required to:

  • Have an overall attendance figure of greater than 95%
  • Have reached the PUNCTUALITY expectations (min 95%)

VI Form students should maintain high levels of attendance as it has a significant impact on attainment. An excellent attendance and punctuality record is indicative of a student who is dedicated, motivated, and organised. Good attendance also plays an important part when applying to higher education establishments and future employment.

  • Have not been identified as a ‘concern’ by any subject at assessment points
  • Have an attitude to learning score of 1 or 2
  • Have not exceeded the BEHAVIOUR points expectations (max 5 Behaviour Points per term)

Students who meet these criteria can apply for home study from:

  • the start of Term 3 (January) in year 12
  • the start of Term 2 (October/November) in year 13.

Home study periods will be identified on their timetable (up to a maximum of 4 hours per week).

All students are required to sign in and out on the attendance iPads when they arrive and leave.

Home Study is a privilege that will be reviewed on a termly basis and can be withdrawn should there be a breach of the aforementioned requirements.