Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School VI Form Learning Agreement

Joining our VI Form is not an easy option; our students are committing to continuing on their educational journey and thus are expected to work hard both in and out of the classroom, whilst also engaging in life outside of lessons through extra-curricular activities and events. 

Thomas Becket VI Form students will:

  • respect the general rules and procedures of the school. They understand that they have a duty to behave maturely, acting as positive role models for younger students in both the school and the community.
  • understand that they are entering full-time post-16 education and will attend all timetabled classes and designated independent study lessons.
  • aim for 100% attendance to tutor time and lessons (below 95% is considered unacceptable) and to be punctual to all lessons. They understand that if they have significant unauthorised absence and are therefore not meeting the minimum expectation, the VI Form will consider removing them from the relevant course(s).
  • ensure that in the event of unavoidable absence their parent/carer will contact the VI Form administrator in the morning of each day of absence.
  • arrange routine medical/dental appointments/driving lessons outside the school day.
  • come to school suitably dressed for a working environment adhering to the Vi Form dress code.
  • take responsibility for their learning and use independent study lessons in school effectively; undertaking extra reading and research to complement the syllabus. They will come equipped and prepared to learn, ensuring subject folders are taken to every lesson,  making sure that homework and coursework is completed on time and to the best ability.
  • check Teams and school email accounts regularly to ensure they are up to date with key announcements and deadlines.

We want our students to have high expectations of themselves and be ambitious. Their attainment will be reviewed on a regular basis through key assessment points and this will be clearly communicated to students and parents.
A student’s suitability for each chosen course will be under constant review.                                                                                                                        

Should there be any concerns regarding a student's ability to manage and achieve on any of their chosen courses we will discuss the situation with them and consider appropriate action.                                                                                                                

There is the minimum expectation that a pass grade will be achieved at the end of Year 12 in order to successfully transition into Year 13.

A student’s place as a student in Thomas Becket Catholic School Sixth Form may be in jeopardy if our expectations are not met.