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Thomas Becket Catholic School

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Business Studies

“Creating informed, discerning employees, consumers and future leaders”

Enabling all students to have the opportunity to experience some financial and enterprise education, whether that be through formal lessons, a PSHE program or extracurricular activities and events.

For those that select to study an academic course, to fully experience an insight into the breadth of knowledge, skills and capabilities a study of business provides, with the view to being able to use this information as a consumer, employee, employer, entrepreneur and citizen.

· Become informed, enquiring and discerning consumers, enabling them to understand their rights, make informed choices and avoid negative consequences

· Be prepared for  the recruitment process, to understand rights and the underlying reasons for business decisions.

· Prepare students for the processes involved in setting up and running your own business, developing a full understanding of the risks and rewards.

· Learn valuable management and leadership skills, as well as aspects of business such as how a business is organised.

· Be able to make informed choices and understand the advantages and limitations of financial products, in order to better manage finances over a lifetime.

· Develop an understanding of the UK taxation system and the role of government and the public sector.

· Provide experience in topics relevant to the business world such as accounting and marketing.

· Develop skills such as leadership and teamwork

· Develop analytical and evaluation skills, enabling students to develop a range of skills that can be applied to other aspects of life.

Year 10

Introduction to Business

Calculating revenue & profit

Enterprise and entrepreneurship

Spotting a business opportunity - Customer needs, market research, market segmentation, competitive environment

Putting ideas into practice - aims & objectives, revenue & costs, breakeven, cash flow, sources of finance

Making a business effective - ownership, location, marketing mix, business plans

External influences - stakeholders, technology, legislation, Health & Safety, economic influences

Year 11

Business Growth



Environmental factors



Human Resources


Links to other subjects

  • Mathematics—numeracy skills, drawing and interpreting graphical and tabular data
  • Literacy—reading and understanding case studies; analysis and evaluation of ideas
  • ICT—researching and extracting relevant information from the internet
  • Science—environmental issues
  • Geography—understanding of other countries within the world; lesser and more developed economies; location factors
  • PSHE—ethical issues, legislation
  • D&T—design, quality standards
  • History—historical industry in the UK


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