Thomas Becket Catholic School

Thomas Becket Catholic School

Scholarship Expectations

  1. Set out written work neatly using blue or black ink. Titles and dates should be underlined using a ruler.
  2. Take care of your exercise book/folder. The cover and inside should be clean from graffiti and doodles.
  3. Response to feedback should be completed in red pen.
  4. Write carefully using the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in every subject. 
  5. Check your work before submitting it and make sure it is the best effort you can give. 
  6. Diagrams/charts/drawings should be done in pencil and labelled in pen.
  7. All peer and self assessment should be completed in red pen and follow the 'Pin It' principle.
  8. All work, including homework should be submitted by the required deadline.

CUPS Literacy Marking Codes

C - Capital Letters
U - Understanding
P - Punctuation
S - Spelling

Presentation of Work 

Proud: Students should be proud of the presentation of their exercise books

Pencil Case - fully equipped for the day ahead

Ruler - for tables, labels and titles

Organised - keep your work neat, label everything clearly

Use the right tool - pencil for drawings or diagrams, ruler for lines

Don't doodle in or on your book/planner