"We share our hope by communicating the message of Jesus Christ in fresh and relevant ways"ethos

At Thomas Becket Catholic School we believe that a willingness to learn and the personal development of every individual is rooted in their spiritual journey. We are a community where everyone is invited and challenged to grow in faith, with prayer as our foundation. 

We strive to model our Core Values of faith, justice, compassion, truth and respect in our daily lives, so as to allow our students to meet face to face with Christ. 

Our core values encourage us to embrace a justice based on the words and actions of Jesus, so that we show His compassion to each other both in school and in the wider world. 

We strive for a community in which all feel valued because they are treated with respect and compassion. Our ethos ensures that we form the conscience of each individual which, enriched by faith, opens a sure path to inner peace and to respect for others. 

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